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Reiki to Heal

Distant Pet Energy Healing Session

Distant Pet Energy Healing Session

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The Distant Pet Energy Healing Treatment is designed to provide energetic support for your pet, promoting balance and clearing any non-serving energies present. Utilizing a blend of energy healing modalities and specialized animal healing techniques, this treatment aims to enhance your pet's well-being.

Respecting your pet's autonomy is paramount in this process. I will never impose the treatment if your pet does not wish to receive it. At the outset, I will connect with your pet and seek permission for the healing session. If it becomes apparent that your pet is unwilling, I will honor their decision and promptly refund the cost of the treatment.

Before purchasing this treatment, it is imperative to engage in prior communication with me.

The Pet Energy Healing Treatment entails specific requirements:

  • Veterinary Care: If your pet is ill or exhibiting signs of being unwell, it is essential to seek proper veterinary care as a legal prerequisite before considering energy healing.
  • Alignment with Essential Qualities of an Energy Healer: Clients are encouraged to embody the five essential qualities of an energy healer.
  • Understanding of Healing: Clients should possess a clear understanding of the concept of healing.
  • Realistic Expectations: It is important to maintain realistic expectations regarding the outcomes achievable through this treatment.
  • Focus of Treatment: The focus and scope of the treatment cannot be altered or expanded beyond its intended purpose.

Clients are required to acknowledge and accept the following:

  • The outlined requirements, the process of ordering energy healing treatments, and associated terms.

Included in the treatment package:

  • Distant Pet Energy Healing Treatment: The primary component involves the remote healing of your pet's energy.
  • No Pre-Scheduling of Treatment: Upon your notification via email indicating readiness for the treatment, I will promptly initiate the session without pre-scheduled dates or times. This approach allows for the treatment to unfold in natural alignment with your pet's energies, essential for its effectiveness. Please provide details regarding the type and name of your pet.
  • Relevant Feedback: Clients receive feedback of up to 200 words concerning the treatment process.
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