About me

T.J. has been involved in Reiki practice and shamanic healing since 2002. Over his 22 years of experience, he has developed his own unique practice style by combining teachings from various Reiki masters. During this time, he has also explored the deep connection between nature and spiritual energy by embracing the shamanic tradition and integrating it with Reiki practice.

Emphasizing the importance of education and attunements, Tansu has adopted a practice that optimizes energy flow through training received from esteemed Reiki masters worldwide. Additionally, he has a wealth of knowledge by merging attunements from different Reiki schools.

Among Tansu's experiences and achievements are helping many individuals improve their health, mental and emotional balance, guiding both group and individual sessions, and teaching energy work. He has also participated in various events with shamanic rituals, utilizing his connection with nature and integrating this tradition into Reiki practice.

T. J. is known for his deep inner peace and tranquility, possessing an empathetic and understanding approach. He is a creative and open-minded individual with a profound knowledge of energy-related matters. His mission is to enhance the spiritual, mental, and physical well-being of individuals, introduce more people to Reiki and shamanic traditions, and spread energy work globally by connecting with communities around the world.