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Distant Home Space Clearing

Distant Home Space Clearing

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Distant Home Space Clearing offers a comprehensive energy healing and clearing treatment tailored to your home's needs, aiming to eliminate non-serving and negative energies.

The primary objective of home space clearing is to establish and nurture an energetically balanced and serene environment. This process involves the removal of non-serving energies, restoration of energetic equilibrium, and infusion of positive vibrations.

Various negative energies, including stress, trauma residues, old memories, and imprints, are effectively cleared from your living space. These undesirable energies are then replaced with loving and harmonious vibrations, while your home receives a protective energetic shield and a heartfelt blessing.

Distant home space clearing sessions are available whenever you sense a need to uplift the energies within your home, especially after moving into a new residence.

It's important to note that this service serves as a complementary practice to your existing energy healing routines within your home. While it addresses common energetic imbalances found in typical household environments, it is not intended for addressing hauntings or similar situations.

 The Distant Home Space Clearing service comes with specific requirements and expectations to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with your needs:


  1. Property Ownership or Rental: The space clearing service is intended solely for homes that you own or rent.
  2. Home Size: It is designed for normal-sized family homes, apartments, or similar dwellings with fewer than four bedrooms and may include a small garden.
  3. Understanding of Space Clearing: Clients are expected to comprehend the concept of space clearing and their role in maintaining a home free of negative energies.
  4. Experience in Energy Healing or Spiritual Practice: Prior experience in energy healing or spiritual practices is recommended to fully engage with the space clearing process.
  5. Alignment with Essential Qualities of an Energy Healer: Clients should resonate with and embody the five essential qualities of an energy healer.
  6. Realistic Expectations: Clients should maintain realistic expectations regarding the outcomes achievable through space clearing.
  7. Focus of Space Clearing: It is not feasible to alter or expand the scope of the space clearing beyond its intended focus.
  8. Acceptance of Requirements and Terms: Clients are required to understand and accept the outlined requirements, the process of ordering energy healing treatments, and the associated terms.

Potential benefits of the space clearing service include:

  • Energetic Balancing and Clearing: Your living environment undergoes thorough energetic balancing and clearing.
  • Supportive Living Environment: The space clearing fosters an energetically supportive atmosphere within your home.
  • Energetic Protection: Your home receives energetic protection to safeguard against negative influences.
  • Increased Personal Power and Inner Strength: Clients may experience a boost in personal power and inner strength as a result of the clearing process.

Included in the service:

  • Distant Home Space Clearing: The primary component of the service involves the clearing of your home's energy from a distance.
  • No Pre-Scheduled Clearing: Space clearing is initiated upon your notification without pre-scheduled dates or times, allowing for natural alignment with your home's energies. Please provide the address for the clearing process.
  • Relevant Feedback: Clients receive feedback of up to 250 words regarding the space clearing process.
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