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Distant Etheric Cord Cutting

Distant Etheric Cord Cutting

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The Distant Etheric Cord Cutting Treatment is designed to cut, remove, and seal any non-serving etheric cords that may be draining your life force energy, fostering energetic balance and well-being.

Etheric cords form between individuals, animals, places, or objects and can be both beneficial and detrimental to energy flow. While positive cords contribute to a sense of love and nurturing in close relationships, non-serving cords may deplete your energy.

The treatment includes the following components:

  1. Clearing Non-Serving Cords: Removal of non-serving negative etheric cords, leaving positive and beneficial cords intact. Interdimensional cords will also be removed if present.
  2. Clearing Non-Serving Energies: Removal of non-serving energies contributing to the creation and maintenance of non-serving cords, particularly those associated with resentment, anger, hatred, or unforgiveness.
  3. Repair and Shielding: Strengthening and protection of the area where cords are attached using an energetic shield, preventing reattachment and maintaining energetic integrity.
  4. Energetic Grounding and Protection: Completion of the treatment with full grounding and invocation of energetic protection to ensure your energy bodies remain strong, balanced, and shielded.

The Etheric Cord Cutting Treatment has specific requirements:

  • Medical Care: Prioritize proper medical care if you are ill or unwell before considering energy healing treatments.
  • Experience and Knowledge: Possess experience in energy healing or spiritual practices and understand the nature of etheric cords and your role in remaining non-serving cord-free.
  • Active Participation: Actively engage in preventing cords from reattaching by avoiding contact or interaction with specific individuals or places and addressing internal issues such as forgiveness, self-love, and self-esteem.
  • Alignment with Essential Qualities of an Energy Healer: Embody the five essential qualities of an energy healer.
  • Understanding of Healing Process: Recognize that healing is an active process requiring participation, openness, and commitment to self-empowerment and growth.
  • Realistic Expectations: Maintain realistic expectations regarding the outcomes of the treatment.
  • Availability of Quiet Time: Allocate quiet time to assimilate and work with the energies post-treatment.

Included in the treatment package:

  • Distant Etheric Cord Cutting Treatment: Remote cutting and removal of non-serving etheric cords.
  • No Pre-Scheduling of Treatment: Treatment is initiated promptly upon your notification via email, allowing for alignment with divine timing.
  • Relevant Feedback: Receive feedback of up to 100 words concerning the treatment process.

Clients are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the requirements, treatment process, and terms associated with the Etheric Cord Cutting Treatment. The treatment offers negative cord removal, repair, energy clearing, grounding, protection, and promotes good energetic hygiene practices.

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Customer Reviews

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Avery B.
Now, i am free

Distant Etheric Cord Cutting has been a transformative experience for me. The sessions helped me release energetic attachments and regain my sense of sovereignty. I feel lighter and more empowered than ever before.


I'm amazed by the profound effects of Distant Etheric Cord Cutting. The practitioner's skill and compassion guided me through a journey of release and renewal. Highly recommend to anyone seeking energetic clarity and freedom

Distance reiki

Distant Etheric Cord Cutting exceeded my expectations. The sessions offered me a sense of liberation from past ties and attachments. I feel a newfound sense of independence and clarity in my life.

Distant Healing!

The experience of Distant Etheric Cord Cutting was deeply cathartic. The practitioner's gentle guidance helped me let go of energetic cords that were holding me back. I feel a sense of lightness and renewal in my spirit.

Amazing Energy

Distant Etheric Cord Cutting has been a pivotal part of my healing journey. The sessions helped me break free from unhealthy attachments and reclaim my personal power. Grateful for the transformative experience