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Distant Karma Clearing Treatment

Distant Karma Clearing Treatment

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The Distant Karma Clearing Treatment offers an advanced approach to clearing and healing non-serving karma and karmic cycles, with a primary focus on spiritual development and enhancing spiritual growth.

The treatment begins by energetically clearing your energy bodies, including your aura, chakras, and meridians, to remove any blockages that may hinder in-depth karmic clearing. This initial cleansing provides a clean slate for the subsequent clearing of karma and breaking of karmic cycles.

Your vibration will be elevated, and karma associated with your current incarnation, past lives, past events, and decisions influenced by your higher self will be addressed and cleared. Ancestral karma, which may be linked to numerous incarnations and ancestral connections, will also be targeted for clearing.

The treatment involves working with the karmic council, a group of ascended masters specializing in karma clearing, to facilitate deeper karmic clearing, including the removal of karmic record keeping.

The session concludes with ensuring you are grounded and energetically protected, followed by a loving and nurturing karma release blessing for you and any beings benefiting from your karmic release.

It's important to note that this treatment does not involve reading karma and will only clear energies you are ready to release, without affecting your connections to spirit or energy healing modalities.

The Karma Clearing Treatment has specific requirements:

  • Clients must prioritize proper medical care if they are ill or unwell.
  • This is considered an advanced treatment, and clients may be required to take subsequent actions or reparations following the session.
  • Experience in energy healing or spiritual practice is recommended.
  • Clients are expected to embody the five essential qualities of an energy healer and understand that healing is an active process requiring participation, an open heart, and a commitment to self-empowerment and growth.
  • Realistic expectations of the treatment outcomes are encouraged, along with allocating quiet time to integrate the energies post-treatment.

Included in the treatment package:

  • Distant Karma Clearing Treatment.
  • Treatment initiation occurs promptly upon your email notification, allowing for alignment with divine timing.
  • Clients receive relevant feedback of up to 200 words concerning the treatment process.

Clients are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the requirements, treatment process, and terms associated with the Distant Karma Clearing Treatment. The treatment offers energetic clearing of energy bodies, blockages, past life and ancestral karma, karmic council assistance, elevation of energetic vibration, and promotes good energetic hygiene practices.


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Customer Reviews

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Karmic Liberation

I was initially skeptical about Distant Karma Clearing Treatment, but now I'm a true believer. The sessions have brought me a sense of clarity and peace that I never thought possible. Highly recommend to anyone seeking spiritual alignment

Healing the Past!!!

Distant Karma Clearing Treatment has helped me navigate through some of the deepest layers of my karma. The practitioner's compassion and expertise have been a guiding light on my healing journey. Forever grateful for this transformative experience.