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Distant Abundance Activation Session

Distant Abundance Activation Session

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The Abundance Activation Session aims to activate and align your energies and energy bodies for optimal manifestation.

Abundance encompasses more than material wealth; it involves spiritual fulfillment and the meeting of life's needs. This treatment targets blockages associated with abundance, enhancing energy flow to attract what you desire while releasing what no longer serves you.

Key aspects of the treatment include:

  • Clearing, healing, and balancing energies and energy bodies.
  • Removing auric attachments, imprints, and etheric cords.
  • Clearing Karma and Akashic Records related to abundance.
  • Balancing local and spiritual energies.
  • Releasing negative subconscious programs.
  • Enhancing focused intention and creativity.
  • Opening energy channels to abundance.
  • Letting go of non-serving aspects of life.
  • Cultivating a conscious creator mentality.
  • Boosting higher self connections and personal power.
  • Elevating vibration with divine abundance blessings and universal support.

It's important to note that this treatment isn't a quick fix for financial issues but rather encourages active participation in your abundance journey and healing process. Regular maintenance with the Abundance Maintenance Attunement may be beneficial.

Requirements for the treatment include:

  • Seeking proper medical care if unwell.
  • Possessing broad energy healing or spiritual practice experience.
  • Getting professional financial advice if in financial difficulty.
  • Understanding the healing process and having realistic expectations.
  • Being open-hearted and committed to self-empowerment and growth.
  • Allowing quiet time to work with the energies.

Included in the treatment is the Distant Ultimate Abundance Activation Alignment Treatment, with no pre-scheduling. Feedback of up to 200 words is provided after completion.

Please ensure you understand and accept the requirements, process, and terms associated with this treatment.

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