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Distant Chakra Clearing & Balancing Treatment

Distant Chakra Clearing & Balancing Treatment

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The distant Chakra Clearing & Balancing Treatment is crafted to comprehensively clear, cleanse, balance, and mend your primary chakras, as well as those located in the head and feet, including the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras.

The primary objective of this treatment is to optimize the functionality of your chakras. Chakras serve as conduits for energy, both drawing in energies into your energy bodies and emanating energies into your surrounding environment. They enable you to perceive the energetic landscape around you while also allowing others to sense your energy.

When non-serving energies infiltrate your chakras, they can become concentrated, leading to energetic blockages or disturbances throughout your energy bodies, impacting specific chakras depending on their nature. The Chakra Clearing Treatment aims to address these issues by:

  • Chakra Clearing: Clearing non-serving energies and blockages from your chakras.
  • Chakra Repair: Repairing any structural damage to your chakras.
  • Chakra Frequency: Resetting the frequency of your chakras to their optimal levels to enhance energetic balance and vitality.
  • Chakra Dimensions: Retrieving any chakra energy left behind during lucid dreaming or astral travel, preventing energetic depletion.
  • Energetic Grounding and Protection: Grounding you fully and invoking energetic protection to uphold the strength, protection, and balance of your chakras.

The Chakra Clearing Treatment entails specific requirements:

  • Medical Care: If you are ill or unwell, it is imperative to seek proper medical care before considering energy healing.
  • Experience in Energy Healing or Spiritual Practice: Ideally, clients should have experience in energy healing or spiritual practices.
  • Alignment with Essential Qualities of an Energy Healer: Clients should embody the five essential qualities of an energy healer.
  • Understanding of Healing Process: Recognizing that healing is a process requiring active participation.
  • Openness and Commitment: Approaching the treatment with an open heart and a commitment to self-empowerment and growth.
  • Realistic Expectations: Maintaining realistic expectations regarding the outcomes achievable through the treatment.
  • Availability of Quiet Time: Allowing for some quiet time to integrate and engage with the energies post-treatment.

Included in the treatment package:

  • Distant Chakra Clearing & Balancing Treatment: The primary component involves remote clearing, balancing, and repair of your chakras.
  • No Pre-Scheduling of Treatment: Upon your notification via email indicating readiness for the treatment, I will initiate the session promptly, allowing for alignment with divine timing.
  • Relevant Feedback: Clients receive feedback of up to 200-250 words regarding the treatment process.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A transformative experience!

Distance Reiki for Chakra Flush and Balance provided a profound sense of renewal and clarity. The practitioner's dedication to healing transcended distance, leaving me feeling lighter and more grounded. A transformative experience!

Another fantastic reiki session

I was initially skeptical about Distance Reiki, but after trying it for Chakra Flush and Balance, I'm a believer. The practitioner's skill and intention transcended physical boundaries, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and centered. Truly remarkable!

Amazing Energy

Distance Reiki for Chakra Flush and Balance has been an incredible experience for me. Despite being miles apart, I felt the energy flow through me, clearing blockages and restoring balance. Highly recommend for anyone seeking spiritual alignment