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Distant Aura Clearing Session

Distant Aura Clearing Session

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Things To Know When Ordering a Session

Please let me know a date and time that you can relax during the session while it's being performed. Your don't need to physically be in my presense for the healing to work. I will be going into a deep meditation during the therapy and will be done privately in my sacred space during the session, so I will not be performing this over the phone or live. All appointments and sessions are prepaid and nonrefundable if canceling within 48 hours of the scheduled session

The distant Aura Clearing Treatment is dedicated to the comprehensive clearing of non-serving energies and debris within your aura, facilitating optimal functionality, balance, and energetic vitality.

When your aura is compromised or weakened, it may lead to decreased energetic vitality, hindered flow, and diminished protective capabilities. The Aura Clearing Treatment encompasses all energy bodies within your aura, including the etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers.

By clearing stagnant energies and debris, this treatment aims to enhance your energetic efficiency, elevate energy levels, improve flow, and fortify energetic protection. The process involves:

  • Clearing and Balancing: Your auric layers will be purged of non-serving and stagnant energies, including auric debris, followed by balancing and repair to augment the aura's size and enhance energy flow and vibration.
  • Smoothing Auric Boundary: Upon completion, your auric boundary will be smoothed out, reinforcing energetic protection and integrity.

The Aura Clearing Treatment entails specific requirements:

  • Medical Care: It is essential to prioritize proper medical care if you are ill or unwell before considering energy healing treatments.
  • Experience in Energy Healing or Spiritual Practice: Ideally, clients should possess experience in energy healing or spiritual practices.
  • Alignment with Essential Qualities of an Energy Healer: Clients are encouraged to embody the five essential qualities of an energy healer.
  • Understanding of Healing Process: Recognizing that healing is an active process requiring participation and commitment to self-empowerment and growth.
  • Realistic Expectations: Maintaining realistic expectations regarding the potential outcomes achievable through the treatment.
  • Availability of Quiet Time: Allowing for quiet reflection and integration of energies post-treatment.

Included in the treatment package:

  • Distant Aura Clearing Treatment: The primary component involves remote clearing, removal of auric debris, balancing, repair, and enhancement of the auric layers.
  • No Pre-Scheduling of Treatment: Upon your notification via email indicating readiness for the treatment, I will initiate the session promptly, in alignment with divine timing.
  • Relevant Feedback: Clients receive feedback of up to 100 words concerning the treatment process.

Clients are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the requirements, treatment process, and terms associated with the Aura Clearing Treatment. Additionally, the treatment may yield various benefits, including auric clearing, balancing, increased energy flow, enhanced protection, and improved energetic hygiene practices.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Powerful energy

Beyond the Veil exceeded my expectations. The Distant Aura Clearing Sessions provided me with a deep sense of peace and alignment. I feel as though layers of negativity have been lifted, leaving me with a renewed sense of well-being.

Madison R.
Distance reiki

The experience of Distant Aura Clearing was profound. Through the sessions, I felt a harmonizing energy enveloping me, cleansing away stagnant energies and leaving me feeling more balanced and grounded than ever before.

Awaken Your Aura!!!

Awaken Your Aura has been a transformative journey for me. The Distant Aura Clearing sessions helped me tap into the true essence of my being, clearing away energetic blockages and allowing my aura to shine brightly. Grateful for the healing experience.