What does Reiki have to teach us about self love?

What does Reiki have to teach us about self love?

One of the topics about which I am frequently asked is self healing.

All the Reiki advertising screams at us, “Become a healer and treat friends, family, pets and even world situation.” And the one person we forget? Ourselves.

Self healing not only brings self love – a love that leads to greater compassion for our family, friends, clients and the world around us – but it also brings self knowledge. The greater we know ourselves the more wisely we can act.

So why do we neglect ourselves? Why do we have such a problem with spending time on us?

Two of the most obvious reasons are fear and selfishness. Facing up to our problems can be a daunting challenge. Isn’t it easier for us to bury our head in the sand and pretend that life is wonderful? In the short term – yes. But all pain, discomfort or emotional trauma acts as a signal that something in our life isn’t working and needs addressing. And if we ignore that signal? Then the message becomes louder, clearer and larger until we are finally forced through ill health, emotional breakdown or loss to confront the issue. We need to realize that the fear of dealing with the issue is far less than the fear of our imagination. And when we do actually take control again? It feels marvellous.

And the second issue of selfishness. We should all be “Number One” in our own lives. This is not a stand point motivated by selfishness, but rather by selflessness. By ensuring that we are happy, healthy and balanced then we can truly devote ourselves to our partners, children, causes and jobs without feeling resentment or regret; or becoming ill or stressed. And by staying healthy and happy we cease being a huge worry, or even a burden, to those who love us. And we can create happiness in their lives. After all don’t we feel happy when those we love are happy and healthy?

What does Reiki have to teach us about self love? Reiki tells us that we, and our clients, should take full responsibility for our lives – health and emotional wellbeing. That means not ignoring our problems or issues as they arise. This requires honesty. One of the Five Principles of Reiki is, “Do your work honestly”. How can we be honest with others and in our work, if we are unable to be honest with ourselves? Also Reiki teaches us, again in the Five Principles, to “be kind to every living creature”. Does that not include us? Our attitude towards, and ability to practice, self healing highlights areas in which we feel a lack of self worth. We should be grateful for the opportunity to know ourselves better.

The main emphasis of First Degree Reiki is self healing. But that does not mean that as we progress to the Second Degree that we are fully healed, or that our responsibility to ourselves has come to an end. As we live life we encounter situations that create blockages in our systems. It is not only compassionate, but it is our duty, to use Reiki to remove these blockages and end the stagnation. The increased power of the Second and Master Degrees allows us to deal to a greater depth with these issues. It is not an excuse to stop self healing.

It is time to end the myth that healers are never sick.

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