Reiki and The Power of Bad News

Reiki and The Power of Bad News

Ask yourself honestly, how you feel each time you watch the news. Does good news lift up your spirits, charge you with positive energy and put a spring in your step?

If you answer yes, then consider this……

How does bad news affect you?

When we listen to bad news we adopt the energy of the story, which can lead to our true feelings and opinions being altered. In other words, we buy into the consciousness of the story. If you look closely you will find it is a terribly high price to pay.

The effect of one story is perhaps short term, but when we are bombarded by similar stories reinforcing the same negative viewpoint, then changes become perceptible in our thoughts, words and deeds.

A good example of this is in the furore caused a few years ago regarding paedophiles. As shocking and tragic as any case of child abuse is, it was also shocking to watch the storm build.

What began as the simple reporting of the facts gradually changed into a deeply emotional tale that not only captured people’s sympathy, but also released the natural fears of every parent for the safety of their children.

Once this fear rose to the surface it began to show itself in parents’ actions – children’s freedoms curtailed as their parents feared there many be a paedophile lurking in every corner.

Parents’ natural fears reached an unnaturally high peak as they were stoked by the media and society. By then the fear had become lodged in the nation’s consciousness and we all found ourselves, unthinkingly, a part of the cycle.

But the real damage lies deeper within the psyche. The old feelings of safety never return. The new heightened state of anxiety becomes the new normality, at least until the next media scare.

This pattern is repeated time and again in a million different stories:

Every interest rate rise will lead to mass homelessness

Petrol price increases will lead to food costs rising beyond our means

Any terrorist alert lead us to all living in fear of our neighbour

Crime statistics show that none of us is safe in our own home

As the negative impact of these stories begins to filter through into our consciousness, it raises to the surface, all of our basic instinctual fears upon which we relied as cavemen. But we are no longer prehistoric cavemen. We have reached a more enlightened state; one in which our actions and thoughts should be determined by compassion and love, not by fear.

This brings us to the most tragic aspect of all of this – the human. When we begin to believe that we human beings, are different from our neighbours, because of religion, race, colour, sex, belief or action, then we find our hearts are no longer filled with love, but with hatred and intolerance.

So how can Reiki help us? The first step is very simple – know and live according to the Reiki Principles.

Then we must also use Reiki to strengthen our own feelings of safety, security, love and of who we are. A weak base chakra leads to feelings of fear. A strong base will help us feel secure. When we feel internally secure then our surroundings matter less, because “home” is a place deep inside of us.

Our sacral chakra helps us understand who we are as individuals. A strong sacral chakra helps us to know who we are, and in what we believe and trust. If we know our truth, then it is harder to be negatively influenced by others and we can remain strong in the face of adversity.

We must not forget the heart chakra. Here we can develop our sense of respect and love for fellow man by connecting with them on a very human level.

When faced with a negative story we can also use our Reiki skills to send distant healing to those in need or suffering, including the “guilty”. Remember Reiki does not judge and nor should we.

It is a challenge to remain always compassionate and loving when confronted with the negative events that occur in this world in the name of humanity. But a challenge worth accepting.

And in the meantime – why not just switch off the TV!

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