Reiki and The Change

Reiki and The Change

There is one truth in life: that is undeniable and unavoidable…everything changes. Life itself is a flow, not static.

To be born, to live, to die; these are all changes. And they seem pretty momentous, but if we look at each change in close-up we can see that every event has a birth, a life and a death.

All changes bring, in their hands, a wonderful opportunity…for us to learn, grow, live, love and to understand ourselves better. But if these are the gifts of change, why do we fear change so much?

A phrase I hear frequently is “better the devil you know”. The idea that we should remain in an uncomfortable position simply because it is one with which we are familiar. This seems to apply to our relationships, our health, our job as well as our builders! The fear of the leap into the unknown, no matter how small a leap, prevents us from moving forward to the bigger and better. Often, denial keeps us in the negative space – a denial that anything is wrong.

When we become stuck in a negative situation we find it very hard to see any way out, as we are caught in the emotional turmoil and cannot see objectively, or even from a larger point of view.

Hanging on to a situation, no matter how bad for us, can create great stress in our lives. Gradually as we let go of the negative we make room for the positive to flow in. In other words, when we see past the death of a situation, we begin to see the rebirth that follows. And all the opportunities and beauty that accompany that rebirth. And change is inevitable when our fear of our current crisis becomes greater than the fear of the changes needed.

A great part of the fear of change, is our own fear of ageing. If we feel that we can stand still, it seems as though we control time and remain forever young. What is this fear of growing older? With age can come such beauty, wisdom, patience, confidence, inner strength, self love and self respect. These are far more valuable gifts than mere physical youth alone.

We live in an age in which we have an increasing number of tools to keep us looking young. But what is a youthful body without the youthful attitude of acceptance of change?

Some people think that if they can hang on to all their material goods, friends and family forever, then they themselves will not change. But when there is a loss, which will inevitably come, the inability to let go causes huge amounts of grief. If we can only realise that all our possessions, and the people around us, are merely on loan to us for short period in our lives, then letting go of them becomes easier. We must remember how blessed we were to have them, even for a short time, rather than concentrate on a future without them.

We also fear that change will make us appear vulnerable or even wrong. We base our actions, thoughts and words on a set of principles that we believe to be right. To allow these opinions to be changed is, for some people, an admittance that they were wrong. As we grow we need to realise that opinions are neither right nor wrong, but merely an extension of our experiences. As our experiences widen, we find our opinions and beliefs adapting to our new knowledge.

We must however be alert in the process of adapting to our new surroundings. It is very easy to appear as though we are truly accepting the changes that have come, but in reality we are hiding our true feelings from ourselves. Once we are again in denial. To truly accept and embrace change we must feel it in our spirit. When our inner self is truly aligned to the new changes, then our behaviour will flow naturally out of us, without struggle or conflict.

Even though change can sometimes appear difficult or challenging, we must try to remember that there is always an accompanying gift. The more we can embrace the changes, the greater the gift. When we look back at our lives we can see how much has changed and how many of those changes have been painless, or occurred unnoticed by us. By resting in the knowledge that so much has changed for the positive in our lives, even without our conscious intervention, it gives us the strength to embrace those more challenging changes.

We can clearly see the path of changes in every Reiki session or initiation. As the energy of the Reiki travels deep into the inner world of our psyche, it seeks the areas that are blocked; those areas requiring change. We can help our healing merely by recognising that some parts of our life were stagnating and needed changing. The Reiki will help us with the actual process of change.

Reiki also makes our areas of stagnation more obvious to us. It can do this by opening our eyes, making us feel more uncomfortable in our situation or by giving us glimpses of our new future.

Reiki is a powerful, yet gentle tool used to bring about change. It does not seek to destroy who we are or were; it does not cut out the negative and make us someone different. Rather it is a tool of transformation. It takes who we are and helps us blossom in order to become the best of who we are. And in the process the Reiki helps align us with the universe around us, so that we are able to find our path in life more easily.

Always remember in every crisis, in every death, there is always a rebirth; as one door closes behind us, another always opens in front.

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