Reiki and Miracle Pregnancies

Reiki and Miracle Pregnancies

Reiki is quite popular and most people commonly experience during Reiki treatment a sense of peace and relaxation, often combined with a pleasant sense of security and of being enveloped by a faint wave of energy. But even this is not experienced at all times. Therefore, this might be used for those wanting miracle pregnancies.

It is a form of Japanese or Asian medicine. When someone is treated with Reiki, they are taken back to a state of unification with the harmony of the universe. This harmony, which is capable of reaching the smallest of its cells allows it to become full and healthy again, thus enhancing the woman’s natural ability to heal itself. Thus, it is beneficial to couples with infertility problems looking for miracle pregnancies. Reiki is both powerful and gentle. Often, when energy levels are low or blocked, the immune system is weakened and more susceptible to disease.

Reiki energizes women preparing for miracle pregnancies on several levels simultaneously:

-In the physical plane through the warmth of hands

-On the mental plane through the thoughts

-On the emotional level through love

Reiki can be used by those hoping to conceive as it can help relieve pain and illness. Not only may it help in achieving miracle pregnancies, but it can also help in skin problems, flu, fatigue, backache and headaches. This form of Japanese medicine is based on allowing the body to correct itself, heal itself, and provide strength to the immune system to help the body fight disease. Reiki helps the body to help restore physical balance by removing blockages. Some women may fail to get pregnant or achieve miracle pregnancies because of a blockage in their fallopian tubes. Reiki can also rid the body of toxins that have been stored.

Reiki encourages the examination of the woman’s emotional life, releasing negative emotions while collecting positive and love, and self-confidence. Reiki flows to where it is needed in a healthy, balanced and natural way. Imbalances in the body can affect the health and can be caused by many situations that occur in our lives, such as emotional or physical trauma, negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, anxiety, worry, doubt or anger, nutritional depletion, destructive lifestyle behavior, bad relationships, and self-neglect. Many doctors who are not naturopathic will also tell you how important your emotional and mental health can be for your physical health.

When women are hoping to achieve miracle pregnancies and receive Reiki during pregnancy, she will find this is beneficial for herself and the baby who will develop when it is conceived. The steps within this form of Asian medicine can help women receive the strength and health as they continue to try for miracle pregnancies. Thus, it can also be used when it is time to give birth, as it helps develop labor more naturally and stress-free.
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