Power of Reiki Distant Healing and its link to quantum physics and telepathy

Power of Reiki Distant Healing and its link to quantum physics and telepathy

Reiki Distant Healing is a powerful technique where patients can receive healing from a Reiki practitioner regardless of geographical distance. Reiki harnesses universal energy, as conceptualized by Dr. Mikao Usui, its founder.

Recent scientific advancements have validated the existence of the energy field surrounding the human body, once dismissed by skeptics. Technologies like the SQUID magnetometer have revealed bio-magnetic fields associated with physiological functions, shedding light on the role of energy fields in health and disease.

Quantum physics, particularly Max Planck's insights, underscores the significance of consciousness in shaping reality. Reiki Distant Healing operates on the principles of consciousness, as evidenced by synchronized brain wave patterns between healer and patient, pulsing in tandem with the Earth's magnetic field (Schuman Resonance).

Studies indicate that during Reiki Healing, the healer's biomagnetic field intensifies, drawing from the universal energy field via Schuman Resonance. Specific frequencies associated with healing, such as 2 Hz for nerve regeneration and 7 Hz for bone growth, stimulate various bodily processes, suggesting the potential for healing diverse ailments.

Reiki Distant Healing operates at the level of intention and the subconscious minds of both healer and patient. The healer channels high-energy with positive intentions, while the patient's belief in the healing process enhances its efficacy. As healers advance, they may rely less on symbols and more on telepathy, fostering a deep connection between healer and patient.

This ancient healing technique, coupled with positive affirmations and belief, holds promise in addressing various ailments, including advanced conditions like cancer and heart issues. The synergy between healer and patient can yield remarkable results, demonstrating the profound potential of holistic healing practices.


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