Reiki For Animals

Reiki For Animals

Animals benefit just as much as humans do from receiving Reiki sessions. Reiki, a Japanese term meaning “Universal Life Force,” manifests in our physical world as a band of energy frequencies capable of interacting with living organisms— including people, animals, and plants. When a living organism receives Reiki energy, its cells, glands, organs, systems, energy bodies, aura, meridian pathways, and chakras commence a balancing and harmonizing process, helping to strengthen the organism’s natural healing properties.

It matters not to the Reiki healing energy whether the recipient of the Reiki session is an animal, a person, or a plant. Reiki energy will work the same for all three. The difference between treating an animal with Reiki and treating a person with Reiki lies only in the delivery of the Reiki session itself. In our Reiki training classes, we teach our Reiki students how to administer Reiki to animals. It would be impossible to try to encompass all of this information in one newsletter article. To learn how to give Reiki to animals, please come to one of our Reiki training classes. Here are some general guidelines for delivering Reiki healing energy treatments to animals:

Introducing Your Pet to Reiki

Animals are very sensitive to energy. If you have just become initiated in Reiki, your pet will sense it immediately. Some pets require a bit of time to get used to the “new you” … other pets won’t leave you alone from the very first time they sense the Reiki energy! Whatever the situation may be for you and your pet, introduce your pet to Reiki very gradually. Let your pet sniff your hands, then give him or her praise and gentle petting. This process may take time, so be patient. Never hold down or restrain a pet that you are introducing to Reiki. If you were to do this, your pet’s mind would create a negative association to Reiki. Not only is this unfair to your pet, but afterwards, this conditioning would be hard to break.

Treating Wild Animals with Reiki

Never treat any animal that you do not know with hands-on Reiki. If you do not know whether or not it would be safe for you to give the animal a hands-on Reiki treatment, then play it safe. Do not run the risk of a bite or greater injury. Instead, use the Reiki absent treatment technique to call in the animal’s thought-form and then treat the thought-form with Reiki. This is a technique we teach in our Reiki II course. During the absent treatment, you will be giving Reiki to the animal’s thought-form. The thought-form acts as the surrogate for the animal.

(Note: Our Reiki absent treatment technique is not the same as “beaming Reiki.” In our Reiki absent treatment, we are not sending Reiki from a distance. We are literally working hands-on on a surrogate or vibrational link to the animal, person, event, or whatever the subject of the treatment may be. This vibrational link is created through the proper use of the absent treatment symbol key and a specific technique. We teach our Reiki students how to use the absent treatment symbol key and this technique in our Reiki II course.)

Reiki Treatments for Animals with Chronic Conditions

As Reiki practitioners, we are not allowed to diagnose or prescribe. Reiki should never be used as a substitute for medical treatment. If your pet has a health-related condition, ask your veterinarian first whether or not it would be appropriate to give Reiki to your pet.

With that said, let’s look at how to give Reiki treatments for conditions that have become chronic. Takata, John’s teacher, used to say, “if the condition is three weeks old or older, and has not healed, then the whole body becomes involved in the healing process and you must give a complete Reiki treatment.” Even if the problem started as an injury … if it has not healed in three weeks time, assume that you must give complete treatments.

Attached is a drawing of a Reiki hand position pattern for a dog (the same Reiki hand positions can be used for any four-legged animal). It has seven positions. It is acceptable to reduce the number of Reiki hand positions when treating smaller animals. Repeat the same pattern of Reiki hand positions on the other side of the animal’s body. If you are working on a very large animal, then add as many positions as you would need in order to cover the entire head, neck and torso of the animal. Another of the benefits of giving Reiki absent treatments to animals is that you can make the thought-form of the animal as small as you wish. A horse can be the same size as a Chihuahua. This ability can save you considerable time while giving the Reiki treatment to the animal, especially if the animal is very large.

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