Let go of worry.

Let go of worry.

Just for today I will let go of worry.

How many of us spend our days and nights worrying? We worry about work, friends, family, car, health, money, reputation and “what would the neighbours say if…..”. And when everything seems to be going well we worry about not worrying.

So why do we worry and does worrying actually achieve anything?

As we learn from Reiki, the universe is an intelligent place. It all works to perfection. Every morning the sun rises and every evening it sets; plants grow and animals are born. By looking around us we see evidence of the divine plan in action.

When we worry we are forgetting that we, every living being, are all connected and that we too have an important place within that grand plan. We start to see ourselves as separate from the rest of the universe and believe in our hearts that the universe has forgotten about us.

In reality we are cared for, loved and guided, even if not aware of it. We only need to think back to the Bible stories to see how valued we are. Jesus told his worried followers to take example from the flowers of the field and birds of the air, to see how they were cared for. All around nature shows us that if you live in harmony then all your needs are met and there is no need to worry. Worry arises from fear. Mostly the fear of want; that there is not enough for all. But in reality there is much more than we need.

What does worrying achieve?

Mostly nothing. Worrying paralyses us with fear and makes action impossible. Our thoughts of worry fill our mind so that we can no longer see the possibilities that would allow us to handle our situation effectively. Worrying only fulfils the limited expectations we have of ourselves.

In the west we are lucky enough to live in a world where most of us do not need to worry about our next meal or having a roof over our head. But instead of realising how rich we are, and rejoicing in that fact, we worry about not having enough. We are led to believe that the more we have the more secure, happy and free we will be. But instead we feel trapped by our worry that someone will take away what we have. And through this fear we try to control every aspect of our lives. We need to relinquish this constant desire to always be in control and allow the universe to guide us and to provide for us. And it will provide in abundance.

So how can we handle our worry?

Trust and faith are the keys. We always have 100% trust and faith. What we must ask ourselves is in what we have placed that trust and faith. If we believe wholeheartedly that our worst fears will come true, then they are much more likely to, as we create the energy space for that to happen; what we fear we attract.

If however we believe and trust in a positive outcome then we create the energy space for the positive to occur.

It is often helpful to look back at our lives and ask ourselves, “Is there any event in my life that has not brought a gift for me in its hands?” If we are honest we can see that the universe has never let us down, or abandoned us. The lesson may have been difficult to learn, but we must trust that the outcome is always for our greatest and highest good.

As our feelings of worry arise we need to ask ourselves – would the outcome be the same if I gave up worrying. Normally the answer is yes.

If the worry still rises we should then let it come and watch it from the position of leveller or observer. Try not to become absorbed by it, but watch it as it swells over you. As you stop fighting the energy, then the light starts to appear and dissipates the worry until it has gone.

As we give up the fear and the worry we find true freedom through the ability to live in harmony with the natural flow of the universe. And as we let go of yesterday and realise that tomorrow is a day filled with endless potential, we once again feel ourselves living for the moment; the here and now, as we did when we were children.

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