Let get go of anger

Let get go of anger

The Reiki Principles are so much more than mere words. They are as much a part of Reiki as the act of putting our hands on a sick person.

Mikao Usui’s search for Reiki was inspired by his belief that there existed a healing method that could reach both body and spirit. The Reiki Principles are tools that aid the conscious healing of our whole selves. They encourage positive thoughts which assist the healing process.

The words “Just for today” are very important. We are not looking for impossible aims, just a hope for the here and now.

The first principle encourages us to let go of our anger.

Anger is not a “bad” emotion. We are neither “bad” nor selfish people if we feel angry. After all there are many occasions that warrant anger. And times when anger can be life saving. A mother uses her anger to come to the defence of her child. It gives her the strength to do what must be done. A healthy response to years of abuse is to become angry. Only when the anger is released, in a safe environment, can forgiveness start.

But for the mother or the abused to still retain that anger many years after the event serves no purpose. Retaining anger long after the situation that inspired it, only poisons the entire body and psyche and can lead to anger based disease. Likewise denying our anger, when we feel it, can lead us to tension, stress and disease.

Before we learn how to deal with our anger it can be useful to understand more about the nature of it.

Anger may sometimes arise as a result of our belief system. As we go through life we form opinions and develop faith in those opinions. We believe that we are right, and hence, that everyone with a differing opinion is wrong. When we encounter an opposing point of view we either attempt to learn about it, or we tend to react in fear or anger. We express our own doubts as anger at the other person’s perceived threat.

Another reason we become angry with others is due to our own projections. If someone or something causes us to become angry, we may simply be encountering a projection of our own inner turmoil. We need to realise that we only recognise in the others what we see in ourselves. When we see that it is really ourselves at which we are angry the anger loses its power over us.

Then gradually we can understand why we feel angry and deal with it through self forgiveness and understanding.

Anger is also a natural by product of the healing process. Illness arises out of a refusal to deal with our problems. We become stagnant and afraid to acknowledge our problems. This leads us to a state of denial. As we begin our healing process we first need to deal with the denial. As we acknowledge our problems anger may arise. This anger will be directed at all people and events around us. The words “Just for today” will help us realise that we are merely in a stage of the entire healing process and that we will not feel this way for ever.

We store anger because of real or imagined hurts that we have had done to us in the past. The problem with this is that we then refocus that anger into the present, whenever we encounter a similar situation. Hence we never see a situation as it truly is. We cannot change the situation, but we can change how we interpret it. By releasing our anger we are able to embrace the next moment or day as a child would, without any prejudices. We are able to release the past and live only in the present.

If you are angry don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by it. Acknowledge your feelings, but always question their source. And it the anger remains, then ask yourself…..who am I really angry at? Is this anger still appropriate? What have my angry feelings come to teach me? Do not avoid feeling anger: it is a valid emotion. Realise that is carries an important message.

Then gradually we can turn, what at first seems negative, into the positive.

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