Count my many blessings

Count my many blessings

Just for today I will count my many blessings.

Very few of us take the time in our busy day to stop and look at what we have. Our advertising, media and …….industries are designed to constantly show us what we lack. It tells us that without the latest car, fashion accessory or designer fad we are poor. We even use our children to compete with the neighbours by buying them the latest “must have” toy. But does this rush for the must have item actually make us feel rich or does it merely highlight our sense of lack?

But if surrounding ourselves with the trappings of materialism does not make us feel wealthy then what will?

We are also bombarded by images of lack. The news tells us how little income the pensioners receive and hence how they will suffer; the increase in fuel duty will lead to higher prices in the shops and we will no longer be able to afford certain luxuries; and student debt is higher than ever. Whilst these are all serious issues that need to be addressed, we also need to deal with our propensity to hook into the poverty consciousness. As our fear then begins to rise we cease giving thanks for all that we have and begin to look at all the areas in our lives where we feel lack.

As the Reiki principle says we should begin by taking the time to acknowledge what we already have. As I am sure we have all experienced, people respond to the energy that we send out. The Universe is no different. If we send out a signal of poverty and lack, then we become a magnet for that type of interaction with life around us. We have the ability to become powerful magnets for abundance…..abundance in experience – both pleasant and more challenging – and abundance in material goods.

The fear of lack creates blocks that prevent the Universe from blessing us with further wealth. These blocks also serve to harden our attitudes to the world and its needs and encourage us to take our family, friends and lives for granted. We feel the world is in debt to us, rather than living in a state of harmony and generosity with it. We feel we must hang on to what we have for ourselves, unable to share with others, for fear that there will be nothing left for us in the end.
However the true key to abundance is generosity – of time, money, goods and spirit. Living in gratitude means we live in abundance. The more we count our blessings, the more blessings we have to count. By acting abundantly in spirit and action, we attract more abundance. If we place our focus on what we lack, then we will live that way.

But our blessings also include those people and events in our lives that at first appear negative. It is easy to say thanks for those items that we love and desire, but the real test comes when we must show gratitude for the hardship in our lives. We need to remember that every event and person has come into our life in order to teach or show us something. Whilst we may not always like the style of lesson, we should open our hearts and our minds to a wonderful learning opportunity and remember that these lessons are not placed upon us as a punishment from a harsh and cruel world. We should live constantly thanking others for what they have come to teach us.

But living in gratitude has another wonderful side effect…we smile more, have more enthusiasm, have a kind word to say to those we meet and we gradually release the stress we carry with us. And less stress means better health.

We need to realise that we are rich, every one of us. We have been given the most precious gift of life. Whilst we have this gift we are truly living in abundance. If we awake every day in gratitude for the gift of life, then the day that stretches before us can only hold wonder, joy and love in its hands.

When David Blaine re-emerged from his self imposed starvation, he spoke of how he, ill and starving, now appreciated life and all its gifts. It struck me as very sad that he needed such an experience in order to learn to see the beauty of the world around him. Let us wake up now and see the abundance of life and all its beauty.

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